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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potty Surprise

I want to be able to remember this very notable evening so I must write about it...

We always go to church on Wednesday nights.  I teach the baby class and Boone goes to the "2's" class.  At the end of church, I walked to his classroom only to find he was not in there!  I inquired about him and the answer was "He had to go to the bathroom."  I automatically assumed that really mean "His diaper needed to be changed."  So I decided to relieve poor Erica of the dirty duty.  To my surprise, Boone wasn't there.  A few moments later, Boone and Erica came walking out of the kiddie bathroom.  I guess I looked surprised so Erica assure me, "He had to go to the bathroom."  I stood there with my mouth hanging open.  She continued, "You are working on that at home, aren't you?"  I managed to get out a few words.... "Did he just pee pee in the potty?"  The answer, to my amazement, was "YES!"  Not only are were not working on it at home, there was NO KID POTTY in the Norris household.  I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or just pass out.  I looked down at my proud 23 month old and he looked up smiling.  I managed to squeak out "Good job big boy!" and he just clapped his hands and squealed.  Erica could tell I needed more information.  She explained that she asked all the kids if anyone needed to go to the bathroom- I can't remember the exact details.  Then she said a few minutes later, she felt someone tugging on her shirt.  It was BOONE!  He said "I need to go to the bathroom Miss Erica."  So how could Erica think anything but that Boone was working on potty training.  I couldn't believe he went through with it!  And yes, not only did he sit there, an even that had been refused by him many times upon our offering at home, he actually did pee pee!  So I immediately realized it is time for the Norris home to be fashioned with a potty.  My shopping led me to Target... it's not hard for anything to lead me to Target.  I searched over the potties.  There were so many choices- colorful or plain, convertible or not, musical or...not.  One particular potty caught my eye and it looked pretty nifty.  According to google, this potty is AWARD WINNING.  Wow!  How innovative can a potty be?  Well, I decided I'd get this highly esteemed potty.  Hours later, Jay and I presented the box with the shiny new potty waiting inside.  Drum roll.........  Jay opened the box...... and out came the potty!  Boone's reactions was as follows, "NO NO...NO...NO NO NO."  The "no's" continued at a record speed.  Jay opened the potty lid and this broke the trend of "no!"  as Boone remarked, "Close it!  Close it!"  He had noticed the "U" in Munchkin (yes I just revealed the brand name of the super potty) while Jay was opening the box. This lead Jay to joke, "yeah, it's a box full of u's."  Boone was quite upset that there were no "u's" in the box.  This began to to cause quite an issue when Boone looked in the box to find no "u's."  He searched all over the place.  Then, sweet daddy came to the rescue.  He secretly gathered up some "u's" from Boone's enormous supply of magnetic letters and managed to slide them in the box.  When he asked Boone to look again, he was amazed to find his precious u letters inside.  Good save, daddy!

The award-winning potty still shines in our bathroom floor.  No christening has taken place.  Perhaps I am just in denial that the potty is there myself. I have nightmares about potty training.  I suppose it is inevitable.  He casually mentions it from time to time but when I offer he continues to decline. It sounds like there is a potty training boot camp weekend in my future.  We will just have to batten down the hatches and give it a go... oh please just go!  :)

More memorable potty updates will more than likely make it to this blog sooner or later.  Ttwenty years down the road I know I'll be laughing when I read this and that I why I write these things down.